Water Features and Water Fountains

Water features are a great way to accent your landscaping in your back or front yard. A water feature can be a fountain that is surrounded by a flowerbed or some hardscapes. You can pavers around your water fountain to accent the front yard and even some stone hardscape to the water fountain. The water fountain is electric and installed professionally. Our staff can design a 3D model and come out and show you what your water feature will look like. Water features can also be a waterfall with a rock formation.

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Create a water retreat for your serenity

Every day you go through so much stress and strain, worry and anxiety pushing you in different directions. Have Turf Plus create an idyllic oasis of water in your back yard, a place to go relax and let the worries wash away. Walk by your very own pond, wander down a lazy river, sit in a reinvigorating hot tub. Any kind of water retreat you can imagine, Turf Plus can create. Call today.