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Water features as a stepping stone for your healthy and happy life

Get your stress away with water features

Do you know having a water feature in your backyard can significantly lessen your stress level and can improve your well-being? Researches have proven that you can get extended psychological benefits by installing a water feature in your backyard. The sound creates by running water and the regular exposure of water in your outdoor space will enhance your overall physical and psychological health greatly.

The everyday bustle and hustle life has bogged down you with stress. People have drawn farther away by evolution from nature over the years which have resulted in increased urbanization. Today most of the land has been occupied with buildings that have left a little blue and green to be found.

The absence of nature has contributed a lot to the physical and mental stress of your lives. it has been proven that exposure to nature can persuade pleasure, promotion of spirituality, positive thoughts, psychological restoration, and aesthetic joy.

Water stands as the top nature feature which promotes virtuous mental health. Having a waterfall, stream, pond or fountain does not only augment the ambiance of your outdoor space, yard, and home but also provides numerous psychological benefits.

Water features as decorative elements in your landscape

Water features are the most commonly used decorative elements that can be used if you want to include some water in your design for outdoor space. Especially when you are not intended to face the problems of having a pool in your landscape these water features are the best solution. By adding water features in your landscaping design you can easily transform your landscape or outdoor space into an oasis that truly meets your wants. These water features are available in various styles and sizes.

All you need to do is to find the best one which not only compliments your landscape design but also cost-friendly. You can also construct water features that match your space and other landscaping elements in your outdoor space beautifully. Moreover, these water features will not only beautify your landscape or outdoor space but also the peaceful sound it creates will develop a melodious environment for you to get relax.

Enhance your Blue mind with water features

You can promote the quality of better sleep, focus, calmness, creativity, and blue-mind being by water features. The blue-mind affects your peacefulness, sense of general happiness, calm, satisfaction, and unity with your life in the current moment whenever you are near or in water. Even the water is not a natural water source, being mindful of manmade small water features like ponds, streams, fountains, and pools you can attain the advantage of the blue-mind.

Your brain can be trigger by these manmade water features to experience positive emotions, self-awareness, and empathy. These are the foundational units that make you happy.

Why do these water features have a powerful impact on your overall health?

Water features affect your brain like those of meditation. Water possesses catecholamine neurotransmitters (neurochemical) that transmit stress to your brain are modified to provide you a Zen-like relaxing and calm feeling which ultimately mitigate anxiety and stress.

The sound create by running water like ponds, waterfall, and fountain are found to have a significant impact in reducing stress hormones which lead to mitigating anxiety. Similarly, water features in any form helps to release negative energy which relieve depression and stress from you and increase alertness, concentration, and energy in you.

All these optimistic attributes can be achieved by installing fountains, waterfalls, and ponds in your yards. The fountains and waterfalls are bringing about to mimic nature as well as to create a serene aesthetic outlook for your landscaping.

Water features as the key elements to enhance the esthetic outlook of your landscape

A well-manicured lawn, stylish furniture in the patio, and colorful flower beds all create a pleasant outlook for your outdoor landscape. However, these may not necessarily contribute to standout your house from those of others in your neighborhood.

Boost the beauty of your landscape design by adding any of the water features in your backyard. This addition will bring a new transformation in your garden. You can add the water feature you desire like a small pond or small garden fountain in your backyard. Apart from soothing your senses these water features can add a unique texture to your landscaping design and can cushion noise pollution in your area.

Backyard space size doesn’t matter

Installation of water features in your backyard can contribute a lot to a relaxing and calming vibe on the deck or patio in your backyard. The size of your space doesn’t matter for installing a water feature. Either you have a small or big space in your backyard to can easily incorporate any water feature to elevate the beauty of your yard. Because there are plenty of options available this will suit your style and space best.

Create a stunning and relaxing landscaping design with Turf Plus water feature services

Give a fresh face with beautiful and unique water features created by Turf Plus. We are providing the most affordable, easily maintainable, unique, and stylish water features to augment a water splash in the outdoor living spaces in your landscape.

Our water features tend to make your backyards both stunning and relaxing. Our water features are earthly and beautiful in designs so that we can create a more relaxing space for your meditation.

Use our water features as an alternative of a full-blown and expensive pond, fountain, or waterfall and enjoy the melodious sound of running water in your budget at your outdoor space. When it comes to creating a fantastic design, for us the sky is our limit.

Why Turf Plus water features?

Get your serenity with our water features. The anxiety, stress, worry, and strain you experience every day affect your peace of mind. Install our water features like oasis, fountains, ponds, and others in your outdoor space to get relax and wash your worries away.

Benefits you may attain by installing Turf Plus water features

Our water features are;

· Highly customized.

· Superior in quality.

· Truly affordable in cost.

· Requires low maintenance.

· Allow you to create your desire pond, set fountain, reviving hot tubs, or lazy river.

· Amazingly accent your landscaping design.

How our water features create magic in your backyards?

Our team of professional, designers and management strive hard to create magic in your backyard with;

· Our extended range of unique and stylish water feature.

· By utilizing innovative technology.

· Through offering trusted quality.

· By professionally installing all water features.

· Through creating a beautiful combination of flowerbed or hardscape around your water fountain or pool.

· By mounting electric water fountains in your backyard.

· Mounting pavers or stones around your desired water features.

· Installing waterfall embedded with a beautiful rock formation.

· Creating a free of cost 3D model for your water feature design.

· Displaying this 3D model to show the overall magic of our water feature design before installation.


We will provide whatever you desire. Either you want to walk by a pond or want to sit in your refreshing hot tub or want to wander down to tour lazy river just name it and have it. Our experienced team will create your desire water retreat the way you have never imagined. At Turf Plus we can create whatever you want. Just give us a call and get your consultation today for free. We are offering our services in Cypress, Katy, Missouri City, Sugarland, Conroe, The Woodlands, and Houston, Texas. You can also reserve your appointment through our website. Don’t wait anymore to get your dream water feature now.

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