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Turf Plus-Houston Landscaping Services

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Find Inspiration Even In Covid-19 Pandemic with Landscaping Of Your Homes’ Backyard

The breakout of Covid-19 has brought us to spend our time at our home more than ever. Work from home is a trend that emerged during this pandemic which has reached to every nation worldwide. Now our home has turned into our office space for an unpredictable time. Most people are viewing this situation as a curse from nature whereas many others have an entirely different perception.

However, this situation has provided the greatest opportunity which you have not seen ever before. Utilizing this period of staying home you can not only rejuvenate yourself, your relationship, and your family bond but also can transform the interior and exterior of your home.

For this purpose, you can make sense out of various landscaping ideas to bring a beautiful transformation to your backyard and outdoor space. The addition of pergola, grass, outdoor lights, deck, pavers, artificial turf, sprinkler, patio cover , and fence can help in transforming your landscape. By transforming your backyards’ landscape into a more fascinating outdoor space you can get great inspiration to live through this pandemic.

Turf Plus - The outdoor living

If you are stressed out of staying at home or if you need to get inspiration to work from home maintaining the work quality? Landscaping your outdoor space and backyard is the solution. A beautiful landscape or outdoor space not only reliefs you from stress but also keeps you motivated to never give up even when the world is fully seized. Turf Plus understanding the gravity of this situation has come up with an extended range of landscaping services for you. These services are focused to transform your outdoor space into a fantastic and fascinating location that can fully inspire you every day.

Turf Plus - Who we are?

Turf Plus is a landscaping services provider that offers its services in Houston. We do not only prepare projects for your outdoor space and landscaping but also walk with you throughout the process of bringing transformation. For 30 years we have been transforming the outdoor landscape of our clients in Cypress, Missouri City, The Woodlands, Katy, Sugarland, Houston, and Conroe, Texas into their dream outdoor space.

Since our inception in the industry, we are achieving excellence in landscaping services. We are privileged to create landscaping for you that provides you joy and inspiration for decades. Our mission is to bring environmentally friendly, economic, stylish, inspirational, and charismatic transformation to every landscape project.

Our landscaping services

We are highly specialized in providing customized landscaping for your outdoor space. Our work is a kind of its own and our designs are known for creating many masterpieces in Houston. By installing pavers, pergola, sprinklers, fence, grass, deck, artificial turf, outdoor lights, patio covers, flower beds, trees, rock formations, bushes, and other items we transform your landscape. Our talented team and management always feel pleasure to create custom landscaping designs for you by bringing your thoughts into life. The core of our landscaping services is to design tour dream landscape by securing your investments.

How we bring transformation?

Turf Plus does not need an introduction in the Houston. It has set various exemplary landscaping projects in the vicinity which have no parallel. Our team and management work vigorously to bring transformation to your landscape and outdoor space. The team of designers, staff, and management work to develop a complete project plan for each client. The process of transformation starts with a consultation and extended to the installation and maintenance of landscaping.

Some major steps help us to bring a next-level transformation into your landscaping outlook.

Listen: We listen to what you want and expect from us.

Survey: We conduct site visits and check the actual condition of your place.

Analyze: After taking measures and observing the infrastructure including pipelines, gas connections and lines, internet and electricity lines, and other important things we produce analysis for your outdoor space.

Plan: Once acquiring the essential data our team prepares a plan for your landscaping project.

Landscaping Design: Incorporating every piece of information provided by you, our survey team, and experts, our designers prepare landscaping design for your outdoor space.

3D Model of landscaping design: To provide further convenience to you and to facilitate you to see the real transformation of your outdoor space before installation we create our signatory 3D model. Guess what the 3D model is free of any cost. This 3D model of your landscaping design is an effort to save your money and time which you may have faced after the installation of dissatisfactory landscaping design. The 3D model helps you to alter, change, or remove anything which might seem unfit in the landscaping design.

Approval: Our core objective is to delight you because you worth it. Once to get fully satisfied with the 3D transformation of your landscape or outdoor space we proceed to approval. Your consent for every process is very crucial for bringing next-level transformation. That’s the reason our management proceed to the installation process after acquiring your approvals. By approving the 3D model you give us a permit to bring your dream transformation into life.

Installation: Once you approved our plan our team starts the installation process. Taking meticulous care our team puts its heart and soul to make your dreams come true. We never skip anything and keep you with us till the completion of the project. Thereby we bring the transformation in your landscape or outdoor space and create a masterpiece.

Maintenance: Beauty fades up with not treated and cared properly, the same case is with your landscaping. If you will not take proper and timely care of your outdoor landscaping it will get faint. However, maintenance of your landscape or outdoor space requires great money, time, and efforts from you which might be difficult for you. But worry not because Turf Plus has also a solution to relieve you from this problem.

We promise to keep your investments secure

As we know that you have invested a great amount to transform the landscape and outdoor space of your home you also need to find ways for keeping the beauty of your ground and yards in best condition. Turf Plus is also offering a regular maintenance service to you.

To keep the beauty of your landscaping we provide you a low-cost maintenance service as well. The journey of togetherness does not end at installation as we stay with you to preserve the beauty of your landscape as well.


Undoubtedly an exquisitely landscaped home or outdoor space can improve significantly your mindset and the value of your home. Turf Plus always ensures that create a space for you which can refresh your mind every time you step into it. Our talented team strives hard to create a great combination of pergola, pavers, sprinkler, outdoor lights, fence, grass, artificial turf, deck, and patio covers to design your dream landscape.

The landscaping services we provide are focused to create an outlook for your landscape or outdoor space where you can enjoy both the family and professional affairs peacefully. Either you are enjoying a barbecue party with family or friends or doing work from home the beauty of your outdoor space plays a great role. That’s the reason we always put your expectations, wishes, affordability, and needs first to bring out the best landscaping design best suited to your landscape.

Foreseeing the beneficial impact of keeping at home with families we welcome you to join our team to beautifully landscape your outdoor space together at low cost. We believe that it is the greatest opportunity to improve the whole outlook of your landscape. Furthermore, beautifying your landscape is an important element that can boost the overall value of your home. Even in the pandemic when the economic conditions are worsened you can get the return of your landscaping investments easily if you plan to sell your property in the coming future.

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