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Style the fence to augment the beauty of your yards More than just fencing Everything is beau

More than just fencing

Everything is beautiful and pretty but depends on the way you style it or intend it to be. Your backyard spaces are a great source of having outdoor activities at your home. Especially if you have great interest to enjoy airy and open space in summer at your home or wanted to arrange some friends and family parties over there.

When we talk about fencing backyards it is not only meant to privacy but it also aims to get an esthetically appealing backyard for you. However, privacy is equally important for backyards as it would be for your indoor space. The way you keep yourself updated with the latest fashion and trend your home must also be in style too. Stylishly fencing your home would seem like you are being glam even in your own house.

Designing the right fence

Just like your indoor space the yards of your home also need some privacy that requires you to put fences. Whenever you anxiously think about installing a fence the thing appears in your imagination is nothing more than a barbed wire which runs around your yards. Because to clearly delineate or to protect your property from peeping eyes fence is the essential landscaping item you need. However, these barbed wire fences can be transformed into a more decorative and esthetic element for your outdoor space.

Choosing the right style and material you can create a decorative and functional fence for your yards. It will not only protect your property from intruders but also provides privacy by separating your space from others. Similarly, it will add an esthetic accent to your landscaping ideas.

Fencing your backyard without breaking your bank is a challenge

Placing fences cannot be an easy task as it does not only requires immense efforts but also requires huge finances. To prevent these consequences you would rather go for DIYs (do it yourself) or customization concepts. Although the sky will be your limit if you go for DIYs and can choose whatever really matches your preferences. But demand a great sum of time that will be difficult for you to even manage.

However, customization will be an awesome solution in the given circumstances. With a limited budget if you really want to put framing around your backyards customization can serve you better. It allows you to select as per your preferences to create your own fencing style.

The decision of modern over modern fencing

If you have limited time it would be a tough job for you to decide on styling your fence. That’s the reason you will always prefer to go for some traditional and old school backyard fence styles. But still, styling the fence can add framing to outdoor spaces and backyards of your house, especially if you opt to turn it into your home’s focal point.

Forget about the traditional and old fencing and enhance the beauty of your house with modern fencing designs. These designs vary in sizes, materials, and styles which add a new look in your landscaping design. You can also create alluring and esthetic fence designs for your yards using interesting details, bright colors, and astonishing texture combinations. Thereby, you can enhance the decorative and protective properties of your fence.

If you love gardening and want to set a garden in your backyard such fences can enhance the beauty of your backyard. These fences can help you to add style in your backyards. Tons of styles are designs are available out there for fencing extended from customary-contemporary styles which add more beauty to your place.

Fencing services by Turf Plus

Turf Plus is a specialized fence designing and installing services providing company. Our fences are high in quality, innovation and durability, and latest in design. We do not design fences for the security and privacy of your home but to give an astonishing edge to your yard’s corners. If you are looking forward to installing fences in your home Turf Plus fencing services are the best of all.

The talented team of designers at Turf Plus has come up with a stunning collection of ideas for fencing your backyards. From rustic, traditional, and country farm to the modern fencing styles our portfolio covers everything. All you need to do is to select the one which suits your outdoor space best.

A wide range of styles, materials, and designs have been provided for you. We design fences which does wonders. Our team believes in sharing ideas and having fun by working together to always create stunning fencing designs for you.

Working with Turf Plus you do not need to waste even a second to get your dream fencing for your yards. Go through our design portfolio, select the idea, select the material, and here we go.

Why our fencing services?

1. We bring ideas for your backyard fencing that will not halt your bank.

2. Our fencing ideas are budget-friendly.

3. We offer a wide collection of stunning fencing designs and styles.

4. Using or fencing styles you can gorgeously decorate your yard.

5. Our fencing styles and designs can complement and enhance the exterior of your house and landscaping of your yard.

6. We also offer customized fencing designs allowing you to select a fence for your yard as per your preferences, taste, and lifestyle.

Benefits our fencing offers you

· Security and safety of your home.

· Separate your space from those of others.

· Stylish, unique, and stunning esthetic in designs that boost the money value of your property.

· Creates an inviting and appealing environment for your backyard.

· The material we used is high in durability and quality but affordable in prices.

· You can design a next level customized fencing for your backyard that truly meets your expectations and fits in your environment.

How we make a difference from other competitors in the town?

· We are providing you a free of cost 3D model for your fencing design.

· Our team estimates the cost of putting a fence for free.

· We are providing fencing services for both commercial and residential use.

· At Turf Plus you will always get a wide range of fencing including chain-link, wood, vinyl fencing, and iron.

· We are offering next-level customization to our customers.

· Our customization services are not curbing to the personalized fencing design but it is extended to offering personalized control systems, handrails, and gates.

· At Turf Plus fencing services you will always find a broad range of fencing types and sizes.

· From the initiation till installation you will be assisted by our team of professionals.

Materials we are using to form fencing for you

We are using various types of material to create the best fencing for your backyards. All of these materials are high in quality and has shown great durability if handled properly. These materials include;

1. PVC

1. 4. Wood

2. 5. Vinyl

3. Wrought Iron

4. Aluminum

5. Chain Link

6. Electric

7. Bamboo

8. Farm

Wood we use to prepare wood fencing for you

There are three standardized and famous types of wood we are using to produces the best fencing for your backyards. These woods are given below;

1. Southern yellow pine

2. Redwood

3. Cedarwood fencing

Reasons for using these woods

1. Southern yellow pine

We are using southern yellow woods because;

· It resists rot and termites.

· But it requires good maintenance.

2. Redwood fencing

We are using Redwood for fencing because;

· It resists insects and rot.

· Also `it absorbs and retains all the finishes.

3. Cedarwood fencing

The reasons for utilizing Cedarwood for fencing are;

· It can be sealed or stained easily.

· It also resists insects, rot, and moisture.

· Although, it gets gray due to weather if not treated well.


Every fence design and material have its pros and corns however each contributes a lot to create a unique appealing look for your backyard. You can use wood, metal, concrete, logs, and branches to create your dream fencing under the supervision of our experienced team and management. Modern fencing techniques can be incorporated to create a beautiful and trendy combination that leads to creating a stunning fencing design for your backyard.

The beautiful and appealing designs we offer allows you to select the decorating ideas which perfectly suit your backyard and home. Let us design a fence for you which reflects your lifestyle and taste in true sense.

Our wrought iron made fences look incredibly decorative, alluring, and expensive. Moreover, these wrought iron fences are very attractive, durable, and timelessly stylish. However, the decoration patterns and elegant lines our team of designers incorporates create a classy and fabulous fencing design for your backyards.

You can also add magnificent accents to your backyard landscaping designs with our lace shaped decoration patterns. But keep in mind that these fencings are not suitable if you require much privacy for your backyards. Apart from that our iron fences also look amazing for many years. Now it’s up to you how you want to style your fencing using the extended range of our fencing designs and materials.

Call us today and get a free consultation from our expert managers. We are available in Houston, The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, Missouri City, Sugarland, Conroe, and Texas to style your fencing.

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