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Pergolas - from the Ancient Egypt to China to your homes

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Origins of pergolas date back to Ancient Egypt, where they were mostly being used as aesthetic elements and structures to allow the growth of climbing vegetation, however at the same time they were the prime structures that benefited the people by providing shade to their homes in the republic of China. Although they fell from trend in the 18th till the 19th century,  they’ve become more popular nowadays. With their multiple functions they benefit the local man greatly. 

Pergolas are a considerable source of shade in your garden or the general outdoor premises of your homes. You can sit under the shade and enjoy your evenings with your family and friends. If extended to an outdoor kitchen, you can relish the perfect weekends whilst  entertaining your guests. To let this daydream come to life, Turf Plus Management provides the service of installing the most chiefly wooden roof pergolas using the finest treated wood that are resilient against  harsh weathers. 

You can place your pergolas in the garden or even use them as an extension to your existing roof. Turf Plus Management has a hardworking team of consultants and professionals that will come to your home and help you decide where you pergolas should be placed for the optimum receiving of the benefits provided by this architectural structure. The benefits that pergola provides to you shouldn't be however constricted only to the supply of shade especially if you're looking for a sustainable element within your garden, you can, just as the ancient Egyptians, grow vegetation on the pillars and also the roof.

Pergolas can be an exceptional structure to allow certain plants such as ivy to stick and grow to great lengths. This can also bring an earthy and green appeal to your outdoors. Since plants are the source of our oxygen, you can count on these to provide you with a better and fresher air. Within the surroundings of your pergola you can also add a fire pit in the middle, to sit around and spend time with your friends and family whenever you may prefer to.

Turf Plus Management and our consultants will guide you through the perfect design that you need for turning your outdoors into personalised Garden of Eden. 

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