• Shyle Hussain

Fire Pits and Fireplaces - Bring light to your nights 

Fire has been servicing us by warming us on our winter nights since the beginning of human civilization. Our ancestors from the stone age would rub together stones and sticks to birth a spark that will illuminate the darkness of the night and shield them from the harsh breeze of winter. It's only natural for us to still go for the same option, however now more accessible and easier to ignite then during those times. Fireplaces have become more than just a source of heat, rather they serve us more than that. 

Once you have a fire pit installed within your outdoors, your nights would never go without, at least once, sitting around the structure. Turf Plus Management designs and installs the most pleasing fire pit structures according to your desires and also provides landscaping features to accompany the fireplace.

To create an area dedicated to your fireplace, you can add pavers along the ground where your fire pit stands for a more practical design. A pergola with a roof would be a great option to allow you to access your fireplace while it rains. These aspects combined could make this a perfect spot for the entertainment of you and your family. An outdoor kitchen next to your fireplace can allow you to have a nice and pleasant barbeque night with your friends and family, or maybe just let you transcend your candlelit dinner to roasting marshmallows on the fire pit. A place like this could be used for many celebrations. You can also install a water feature to create a juxtaposition of opposing elements that come together to ultimately bring artistic pleasure  to your outdoors. 

Turf Plus Management can install the finest firewood and stone fire pits along with an outdoor fireplace that can be hooked to the current gas lines to allow it to function. Whatever it is that you may require in creating the perfect landscape of your outdoors, Turf Plus will remain devoted to presenting you with chiefly installation, design and consultation services. 

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