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Add some shade and personality to your landscape design with a pergola

Extend space of your home with pergola

Do you want to enjoy your meals and coffee with friends and family under the blue sky? Are you looking to add some stylish landscaping item in your backyard which determines your taste and personality? Are you an outgoing person and love to enjoy the fresh air and airy spaces? If yes, then pergola can help you a lot.

Get the indoor settings out

Install a pergola in your backyard and get your indoor settings out. You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and even dinner under these pergolas. These pergolas help you enjoy nature avoiding the heat of the sun. You can use pergolas to get an outdoor setting or drawing area in your backyard where you can enjoy gathering and parties with families and friends easily. With pergola, you don’t need to restrict your socializing inside your home in summer.

Welcome your guest in outdoor drawing rooms

Pergola is an attractive and esthetic addition to the backyard of your house. If you have no trees in your backyard these pergolas can help you to get a dappled shade to relax and enjoy in summer.

Summer in Texas is unbearable. Under such conditions, it is very difficult to have parties and gatherings at home. These pergolas allow enjoying your family and friends time even in summer. You can arrange dining under these pergolas to enjoy your family meals during summer and rainy seasons.

Pergolas as a privacy element in your backyard

Pergola is not just a place in your outdoor space to put parties or outdoor settings undercover but also a place that provides privacy for your garden along with offering shades. You can also install pergola beside your pools and spa to give you some privacy apart from shade. That’s the reason it is considered as the most stylish mean of adding privacy to your landscape design.

Turf Plus the best pergola designer in the town

Nothing can worth more than constructing a pergola in your backyard to get shady outdoor space. Turf Plus has been designing and installing the most functional, beautiful, creative, unique, and stylish pergolas for 30 years.

To enjoy your summer in Texas you need to get anything that provides shade and keeps you cool. Water features like pools and spas, fountains, streams, and others are the best source to keep your fights with hot summer waves. However, you also need things in your outdoor space that can provide you shade in the day time.

Pergolas and patio covers can install in your backyard spaces or above pools and spas to protect you from scorching sunbeams. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to enjoy outdoor activities during the hot summer of Texas.

Turf Plus understands your need therefore we always strive to find and introduce innovative ideas in landscaping services which can provide you the best solution every time. Our quality pergola is the best example.

What Benefits you are going to get using our pergola?

Following are the key benefits you are going to achieve by installing Turf Plus pergolas;

· Our pergolas are customized.

· Their cost is low.

· They require low maintenance.

· These are superior in quality.

· These are available in creative designs.

· We always bring innovative technology.

· Our pergolas are stylish and trendy.

· We construct pergolas with treated wood only.

· Our pergolas can bear harsh climatic conditions.

· These are constructed with composite materials, redwood, or cedar.

What else Turf Plus offers?

Our team and management treat projects with due attention, focus, and dedication. We never compromise quality and try to give our best for each project. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits we also offer extended complementary services to each of our customer including;

· Free of cost 3D model for each pergola design.

· Thorough assistance from initiation of project till its execution and completion.

· Supervision of our specialized team for each stage.

· Free team survey to gather essential information from your backyard space.


Do not wait anymore and get the free 3D model of your pergola design. Call now and get a free consultation from our experienced and expert team of consultants. We promise to design your dream pergola. Come and join the Turf Plus world of transformation to give an entirely new outlook to your outdoor space. We would love to work for accomplishing your landscaping goals. Get our services in Houston, The Woodlands, Cypress, Katy, Missouri City, Sugarland, Conroe, and Texas.

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