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Houston Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance your beautiful landscape at night. Outdoor lighting can also be used as a safety feature by adding it to dark paver walkways. Imagine driving up to your house to a lighted custom design. Let us help you in designing the right night lighting for your house. We will give you a 3D design that will show you exactly how your outdoor lighting will look. You can customize your lighting with either a paver walkway, a pergola or just have them light up your flowerbed.

Security Landscape Lighting | Houston, Texas

Landscape lighting on your home is a great security measure. Adding landscape light can deter thieves from coming to your home. A well-lit home is a great way to add the protection of your home. 

Landscape Lighting for Entertainment 

Turf Plus can design landscape lighting to light up the night for you to entertain family and friends. We have the very best in low-voltage lighting that is safe for all weather. We can add lighting to your house to overlook your yard. Imagine having a walkway to light up the night with landscape lighting on a paver walkway.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Visual Appeal

  • Security

  • Safety

  • Value

  • Entertainment

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Landscape Lighting Testimonials

"I want to thank CW for the great work he did at my house. He came up with some creative ideas for my flower beds. They were even able to get new plants to grow where they had never been able to before. Before Turf Plus Management, I had multiple companies try to get plants to grow in that area and they were never successful in doing so. I highly recommend Turf Plus. Thanks again for exceeding my expectations."

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